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Recently Released Research

Study Protocol
Prediction of the Axial Rotation of the Atlanto-Occipital Joint by Means of the Modified Manual Ankle Rigidity Test and Radiography: Study Protocol for a Randomized Double-Blind, Controlled Trial
Joaquin Valdivia Tor, D.C.


9th Annual SOT Research Conference Proceedings:
Marina Del Ray, California May 12-13, 2017

Various Authors


8th Annual SOT Research Conference Proceedings:
New Orleans, Louisiana May 13-14, 2016

Various Authors


7th Annual SOT Research Conference Proceedings:
New Orleans, Louisiana May 7, 2015

Various Authors

Case Study

Improved Health Outcomes in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis Undergoing Chiropractic Care: A Case Study

Kirk Stevens, D.C., Chris Kim, D.C. & Paul Jeen, D.C.

Original Research

Improvement in Heart Rate Variability in 46 Patients Undergoing Chiropractic with Network Spinal Analysis: A Retrospective Analysis of Outcomes

Daniel Knowles, D.C., Richelle Knowles, D.C. & Dejan Kotur, D.C.

Case Study
Improved Health Outcomes in a Multiple Sclerosis Patient Undergoing Chiropractic Care for Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Report & Review of the Literature
Christopher Tabick, D.C. & Jessica Quintero-Villa, D.C.

Case Study
Resolution of Hypothyroidism & Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a 34-Year-Old Female Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Study & Review of the Literature
Anne-Marie Campbell, D.C. & Kathleen Delander, D.C.

Review Article
Heart Rate Variability to Assess the Changes in Autonomic Nervous System Function Associated With Vertebral Subluxation
Christopher Kent, D.C.

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Have you cared for someone with subluxations who had a positive response? Please contact us about submitting your miracle case as a case study paper.
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