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Recently Released Research

Case Study

Resolution of Urinary Incontinence Following Chiropractic Biophysics Protocol to Reduce Vertebral Subluxations
Jason Jaeger, DC Bio, Robert Moore, DC Bio, Lyle Burkhardt, DC Bio 



6th Annual Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference
Redondo Beach, CA May 15, 2014

Various Authors

Case Study

Improved Health Outcomes Following Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation and Improved Cervical and Lumbar Curves Utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics Protocol
Abe Cardwell, DC Bio & Brianna Barone, DC Bio 

Original Research

Intra-Examiner Repeatability of Mastoid Fossa Temperature Differentials using the Tytron Instrument
John Hart, DC, MHSc BioClaudia Seay, BS, DC Bio, Cindy Gibbon, DC Bio 

Case Study

Improvement in GERD Following Reduction of Vertebral Subluxations & Improved Sagittal Alignment Utilizing Chiropractic Biophysics Protocol

Curtis Fedorchuk, DC Bio & Haasseem Mohammed, DC Bio

Original Research 

The Impact of Bilateral Sacroiliac Joint Adjustment on Walking Kinematics amongst Asymptomatic 20-45 Year-Olds

John Ward, DC, MA, MS Bio,  Jesse Coats, DC, BS, DAAPM Bio, Ken Sorrels, DC, BA Bio, Amir Pourmoghaddam, PhD Bio, Tiffany Sarmiento, BS Bio, Carlos DeLeon, BS Bio


Case Study

Reduction in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Following Chiropractic Care: A Case Study & Selective Review of the Literature
Anthony Slinger, D.C. Bio & Shayla Lesho, D.C. Bio

Case Series

Improvement in Signs and Symptoms of ADHD and Functional Outcomes in Four Children Receiving Torque Release Chiropractic: A Case Series
Nick Hodgson, B.App.Sc. (Chiropractic)  Bio & Charles Vaden, DC Bio

Case Study

Resolution of Recurrent Pseudoseizures in a 14-Year-Old Female Using Torque Release Technique: A Case Study
Chris Brown, D.C., CCSP Bio & Alexandra Swenson, D.C. Bio

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