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The Theoretical Basis and Rationale for the Clinical Application of Bio-Energetic Synchronization

Ted Morter, Jr., M.A., D.C.

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ Volume 2 ~ Number 1 ~ Pages 1-12



This paper describes the theoretical basis and rationale for the clinical application of Bio-Energetic Synchronization, an approach which has application to the etiology and correction of vertebral subluxation. Bio-Energetic Synchronization derives its name from the fact that it is applied to the human biological system which engages in energy exchange with the environment. Furthermore, outcomes have indicated that its application allows the body to enhance the utilization of energetic forces in a synchronized manner. Since 1975, emphasis has been placed on describing the rationale of Bio-Energetic Synchronization and developing the most efficacious methods of administering it clinically. This paper presents a refinement of information which reflects both of these goals.

Key Words:  Bio-energetic synchronization, vertebral subluxation, cortical engram, sensory engram, biomagnetism, therapeutic touch, biofield energy, neurological interference



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